Friday, March 5, 2010


Because of my plan to lose weight and a dream to wear my pre-pregnancy jeans, I spent weeks looking for a fitness equipment that is well-suited for my plan. I did it online and in stores. I had to compare specs and prices and personal preference and before I even decided for one ( I was partial to the tread mill) the husband and I decided to get pregnant again. Now I might not even buy any no matter how I want it because I don't think I can use it until after I give birth. Well, maybe I can use it while waiting to get pregnant but I don't know how it will work yet. I may have to ask my OB when I visit her. It is a dilemma I have right now. What to do? I just hope I can control myself and not gain too much while pregnant or else that will be double the pounds that I have to get rid of. The weight loss plan has to take a back seat for right now.

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