Thursday, March 11, 2010

body shaper

I was hit by a brilliant idea the other day while looking at my reflection in the mirror. I thought why not wear a girdle to hide the bulging tummy? I mean, I do have two girdles somewhere in this house if I can find them. In fact, I used girdles when I felt like it the year after I gave birth but somehow I quit. I thought it was bothersome at the time but right now the bulge has to be hidden especially since it is getting warmer everyday and I cannot wear jackets all the time. I may have to buy new ones though so it will be more comfortable. A kymaro body shaper is what I have in mind. If I can afford it. I want something that starts from the hip then goes up to the bustier area. Maybe I will be lucky and find what I am looking for within my budget. It is hard to be fat but then I have nobody to blame here but myself.

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