Tuesday, March 23, 2010

afraid to eat

It has been days that I am not feeling good. I thought it might just be a case of being car sick but I realized that it is something more severe. I have the stomach bug. I might have gotten this from the little man who is also sick. I have been throwing up since yesterday, nauseous, and basically feeling like crap. I have not eaten since lunch yesterday and I am so hungry but I am not eating anything because I am afraid I might just throw it up. Besides, nothing appeals to me at the moment. It is awful. But then maybe something good will come out of it. Perhaps I will lose weight after a few days if this keeps on. This sure is one of the best ways to lose weight which is good if you discount the fact that I feel miserable. I look miserable too in case you are interested to know. I hope to feel better soon. And the little man as well. I hope the husband will not get what we have because there is no way we all could take care of each other if we all are sick.

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