Friday, February 26, 2010

still waiting

I have been impatiently waiting for my new passport to come so I have been checking our mailbox every single day for five weeks now. I was told it will get here in five weeks but still has not come. I am getting impatient already. That one document is one of the things we are waiting and then we can wrap things up here and move out. But it is taking its sweet time coming. Instead of the passport I get life insurance and payday loan offers in the mail. I already asked the husband to call the Philippine embassy by the middle of the week next week should the passport not come yet. He can ask the questions because we found out that people working at the embassy are nicer when they talk to Americans than their fellow Filipinos. Anyway, I still have today and tomorrow left for the mail to run this week.


StaLira said...

tama mami. Pag kano gani ila kaistorya, mo-bow sila pero pag fellow Pinoys, sus maldita pa sa tanang minaty.

Poray said...

korek mami! makasapot ky kng kita kastorya ila ta itreat na dumb masakapot pro sulaya ra na ang kabanahan ky hastilan ddto mi embassy sus nice kaayo ang ila treatment sa ako ky uban ako bana pro ang nag una sa amo ky puro pinoy giinsulto pa ky naa lng gamay sayop..d masabtan na batasan na kita mn unta dahilan ngano naa sila work dri singani ba