Wednesday, February 24, 2010

stick to the plan

I am supposed to vacuum the carpet an hour ago but I got sidetracked so here I am online. The bathroom is clean since I cleaned it first before I begin with the rest of the house. It is a good thing I did that one thing since now I am just sitting here letting the day go by. I know I have to get up and clean some more before we run errands though. And before the little man starts scattering his toys everywhere. I get so easily distracted with what I am doing anymore that most of the time I start one thing then remembers to do something else and not finish anything at all. The husband calls me a scatterbrain and I don't disagree with that. I have always been like this as a child much to my parent's dismay. Well, enough of this talk. I have to get up before I forget. Have a good day everyone!

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