Wednesday, February 3, 2010

perfect barbecue mix

Two days ago, I fixed barbecue marinade and put a few chicken wings in to see how it will come out. Today I grilled the wings and I had the best tasting Filipino style barbecue (as far as I am concerned) I have ever tasted since I got here in the USA. The downside was I burnt the skin because I did not know how to control the fire. But I know better to keep an eye on that next time. The marinade was from a blog I surfed weeks ago and decided to try after a lot of disappointments in the past. My mistake was I did not save the name (and url) of the blog because I did not really think it will work. So now I cannot even give credit to the person who makes barbecue the way I like it. But I do have something I can now use whenever I crave for barbecue. I am one happy gal :)

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