Sunday, February 14, 2010

not feeling good

It is only four in the morning but I am already up. I am still sleepy but I don't want to lie down because then my throat itch and I cough nonstop. I must be having another round of the cold. So here I am online even if what I really want is to go back to bed. Thankfully we have a portable heater to keep me warm. Honestly, I would rather stay up and read colon cleanse reviews if it means not being subjected to uncomfortable coughing which might wake my family up. I don't why I am not well yet. I thought surely after being sick for over a week I should be feeling better now but that is not the case. I may need to go to the drugstore to get over the counter medicine to help me with the sore throat and the coughing. By the way, happy hearts day everyone. I may be sick but I will not forget that :)

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