Saturday, February 13, 2010

mirror mirror on the wall

Our three year old has this fascination with mirrors. Or it could be himself, the way he always smiles at his reflection in the mirror. It is like he just realized the magic a mirror holds. He talks at it, smiles, stares, and then dances to see how he looks like. He calls everything a mirror even the magnifying glass and the old convex mirrors that the husband found on one of the neighbor's garbage piles two years ago. I always keep an eye on him when he wants his "mirror time" because I am afraid he will get excited and break them. Those are dangerous. Which is why we hid the magnifying glass in the closet and the convex mirrors outside in the shed so he cannot get to them. He is fun to watch though. He reminds me so much of myself only I was a lot more older and it was because of vanity why I look at myself in the mirror too much.

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