Sunday, February 21, 2010

a little chore

I gave our car a thorough cleaning this evening. The husband planned on bringing it to the car wash but I guess he changed his mind when he realized he has a perfectly capable wife to do the job, lol. He bought me a brush with a longer handle so I won't have a hard time scrubbing the car. It worked pretty good and I think I did a good job if his reaction was any indication. This taskmaster is strict if you must know. But he did not stay to watch me clean the car because he had to check the little man. We do not trust the little man to be alone inside the house because he does things he shouldn't when he is bored. Just last week, he played with the blinds and almost tore one up so he is now banned from ever touching any. This is just an example of what he can and will do to amuse himself. That was why the husband had to leave me alone while I was busy outside. With the car done, I am now tasked to wash the Jeep tomorrow. I know if I say yes to one chore there will be more but I don't care. I need the exercise, besides it is warming up so it is not uncomfortable being outside.

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