Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hide it or lose it

I was in Facebook just a few minutes ago and I realized that a number of women in my friends list are actually worried about their weights. It is one thing that is hard to get rid of once it sneaks in a person. I actually have gained about 10 lbs in 4 years. Not a good thing. Apparently, my friends are experiencing it too. I read shout-outs that say when am I going to lose weight all the time. It makes me happy (ain't it crazy?) that I am not alone with this weight gain worries. There are a number of us. Which means I am not the only person who is thinking about exercise or weight loss diet products at all. Although it is not a reason to quit my plan on losing weight. I will somehow lose weight before long if I want my summer clothes to still fit me. I only have a few weeks and I should be shedding the jacket and bulky sweaters. Then there is nothing to hide the bulge. Argh! I need to do something.

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