Saturday, February 20, 2010

had a craving for..

Banana split, of all things! It is bad enough that my metabolism does not seem to be working as fast as it used to, now I have crazy cravings. But anyway, I had to have it so we went to Sonic because that is the only place I know which has banana split (for me) and fries and sandwiches (for my boys). We did not want to hop from one place to the next so we compromised. Tonight we had a binge on unhealthy food but did we care? Not much, really. I even had fries with chili and cheese which was heavenly. I got annoyed when the little man did not even taste it though. Even when I told him it was ketchup on the fries. But I had my banana split which was what mattered most. I must admit I had to do a ten minute (should have done more) cardio workout to appease my guilty conscience. I will do more tomorrow :)

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