Friday, January 22, 2010


My son is sick. He has fever and he had been throwing up. He has not eat anything and I cannot force him to because he says no to food. He did drink water earlier and he is now taking a nap. I am too sleepy since I did not sleep good last night due to his temperature. I would like to take a nap too but he might wake up any minute and I want to be alert when he needs me. This sucks. He is not a sickly kid but when he does get sick I get so worried. I had bad experience when he got sick two years ago that is why I am really keeping an eye on him making sure his temp will get back to normal and stay that way. It feels odd with the house this quite. Normally at this time of the day the television and the computers are on. I had the tv on this morning but he turned it off and then went to sleep. I hope my little man will feel better soon.

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