Saturday, January 16, 2010


We had visitors this morning. The stepdaughter and her kids visited us. We let the kids play and annoy each other while we just talked and eat. Or the husband and I did. The stepdaughter only ate one bite of ham and that was it. I envy her self control. She has been losing weight she said and it shows. She used to be really chubby but when you look at her now you will see a lot of difference. Even her jacket looked too big on her when a month ago it was snug. She said she lost thirty pounds last year and it was done through eating right and exercising self control. There were no diet pills involved so naturally she did not have to read about lipozene review at all. Yes, just sheer will. When am I going to do that? Why can't I do that? I lost two pounds last year but I gained four in return. Not a good record at all. If I can have half of her determination I might just be able to lose weight. But I don't. Not at the moment anyway. Maybe in the future?

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