Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The husband and I have had arguments over school and courses to take. You see, we plan on having me try to go back to school when I get my records (and we agree on a course) straight. The problem is I am thinking about a nursing degree because I think it is easier to start a career in this field. The husband is opposed to it. He does not want me to pursue the course. He told me to study being a nutritionist or take a look at medical coding training courses or maybe continue my degree in engineering, perhaps business management. Anything else other than being a nurse. He gave me all kinds of horror stories and some plausible excuses but it only made me annoyed. He is nuts. Somehow I know the reason why he is opposed to the idea of me being a nurse but it still does not appease me. Now I don't know what course to take. I have to give it more thought so I will not be switching from one course to the next and waste a lot of time.

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