Monday, January 25, 2010

this is it (i think)

I have talked about our plan of moving to another place in this blog for as long as I can remember. And every time such plan has to be put on hold for more pressing matters. Well, this year I think it is inevitable, we are moving. To another state. Which means having to adjust to the new place, getting settled, and starting over. The South is the only place I have known (except for that 3 months in the husband's home state) since I got here in the US and I don't know what to expect on the new place. The good thing is we will be nearer to relatives. The bad thing, no more fresh seafood. Like the husband said I will just have to get used to it. And I know I will. In a few weeks we have to make definite plans. We will wait until I get my new machine readable passport and then it will be busy for us. The husband said we might have to live in the country which is not really a problem to me since I love the quite but I don't think I am ready for slow internet connection. Not when I am having super-fast connection right now. I know it sounds childish but I love my window to the world, you know? The husband said he will try to check first and we will see what the country will offer. As for the house, we already agreed on a three bedroom house with an ample (being in the country it should not be a problem) yard. If the house will have nice lighting fixtures then it will be a bonus. If not, we will just open windows to let the sunshine in, lol. The idea of moving scared me at first but I love this part of being married, moving to another place and starting over. Well as long as the husband and the little man are there I know I will be fine. I might whine about having to pack and unpack but I will get over it.

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