Thursday, January 21, 2010

strawberry cupcake

Today I baked strawberry cupcake. It was supposed to be a regular cake but the husband wanted something different and reminded me we have paper cupcake liner for that purpose so I decided to do it. When the cupcake were ready he even put the icing on top like a little kid. He offered me some and I ate about four cupcakes. They were so good. But I am afraid this is going to to make me pack more pounds. Last week we had chocolate cake. I wonder what next week will be. I have to try to say no until I get hold of a nordic track promotion code so I can buy that tread mill the husband promised me. I need to sweat so as to get rid of toxins and the tread mill is the best way to go. Or I think it is. I don't like to get out and walk in this wet and slightly cold weather but I do need to do some kind of exercise. The little man is the only person who did not like what I fixed. He played with a cupcake but never even tried to eat. While somebody else has to start saying no when offered food. Especially when she is not even hungry.

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