Thursday, January 28, 2010

not feeling good

Today is another boring day. And to make matters worse, I think I am going to be sick. My joints ache and my throat is sore. The husband is not feeling good either. The little man who has cough and cold does not seem to mind much. He is here watching Sesame street videos online. The adults are sick this time although I hope this will not get too bad. I can't deal with being sick while taking care of my family. I am trying not to think about it so here I am online updating my blogs and searching whatnot. I searched for more episodes of the Taiwanese drama I am currently hooked on but it seems like there are no new ones which means that my suspicion that it is an ongoing series is true. Shame. I really would like to know how the story will end. There is no Ugly Betty either which leaves me with nothing else to check but Facebook which I am getting tired of. I might as well search for motorhome towing just for something to do. Or I can watch what the little man is watching although I don't think it is safe for my well-being. When he is excited he gets rough. Oh well, I might as well take a nap maybe I will feel better when I get up.

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