Friday, January 15, 2010

it's the weekend

Yay, it is Friday. It is one of the days I get to suggest what to do or where to go and I love it. Although I have not decided what to do today I am still happy since today's forecast said it is going to be a warm day. Sixty degrees, baby! And not just one day but the whole week next week as well. It is reason enough to be happy especially since we have had really cold weather for the last two weeks. This means we might be able to visit the beach and take walks (if the husband is up to it) or if nothing else just sit in the car while watching the waves without freezing to death. I know the little man wants to go outside and play. The silly kid had been knocking on the door and telling us to open it. I am sure he will be running wild when we let him play in the sand again. Catching up with him will be a tedious job but then I also need the exercise anyway. I need to be active because I noticed I have been sedentary for the last few months and it is unhealthy. I have gained a few pounds that I want to get rid of the normal way instead of using herbal slimming pills or anything of the sort. Anyway, we have to get ready. Today might be a busy day for us when I think of where to go.

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