Thursday, January 14, 2010

i want to get rid of blackheads

What do you do to get rid of blackheads? Do you buy something from the store? I used to squeeze blackheads when I got it and it was very painful it made my eyes water. That kind pain. When I could not deal with the pain (I was afraid of infection too) then I went to have facials at the salon. It was easier and less painful. And it made me feel pampered. I could not do that here anymore because I don't want to pay that much money just to have my blackheads removed so I am left with plenty in my face especially in the nose area. It looks nasty. I know I could go to the store to buy those stick-on types but I am not sure if they work well. I don't want to buy anything that does not work. If you have tried anything at all to get rid of blackheads please do let me know. I so want to rid my face of blackheads without much pain if possible.

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