Thursday, January 14, 2010

hair problem

I am experiencing some kind of scalp problem. My hairline have itchy, scaly skin and the hairs are falling off. It actually is showing a minute bald spot that I have been worrying about for months now. My hairdresser told me that should it get worse or I am worried about it to go to a doctor perhaps a dermatologist. I did not go. I searched online and found out from forums that tea tree oil is a good at home remedy and I have been using it on the affected area. It camouflages the scaly skin and I think it stopped the hair from falling but the itch still is unbearable at times. I wonder if this is some kind of fungus but the husband said it is because of the dry air. I don't know. There was a time I even used his shampoo for thin hair with the hope it will help the hairline look better. Of course it did not help any because it was formulated for thin hair not for people with bald spots. I do see some improvement now though. I hope the tea tree will continue to work wonders with the bald spot because it will be awful if it gets worse. If nothing else I may have to have my hair cut real short again, preferably like a barber cut, shorter than the husband's 'do. It will be something different for sure.

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