Saturday, January 30, 2010

future plan

One of the things the husband and I planned is to own a house. In the future. It does seem like a dream at the moment what with all the problems we have right now but we are not losing hope. We already lost a house which at the time I was not really fond of. Only when we moved and went back to visit did I appreciate the house and its location but it was a bit late since we already sold it. Someday, we will work on owning a house. If by some stroke of luck we will get approved for a mortgage in the future, we will be very happy. We are not looking for a huge house, just enough for a family of four. We might need help with mortgage insurance but it is something we will have to worry about when it happens. Plans like this help us keep on going forward. To some people it may be like barking at the moon but we will keep on barking until the moon meet us halfway if it will not come down for us.

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