Tuesday, January 26, 2010

food craving

We stopped by a store this morning since the husband was craving for apple pies. That store is the only place where individually wrapped and boxed pies are cheap. I even like their pies and I am not into sweets much. These days we are relying on food cravings anymore. We buy what we feel like eating unless there is a nice sale going on. This way it does not cost us much since we only buy what we want to eat. Thankfully we don't have any other cravings other than food so even if we get tight on money some times we are able to stretch whatever we have. No expenses on things like Padron or alcoholic drinks. Just food. I must admit it gets expensive some times but nothing we cannot handle. Right now we are having fried dumplings but this was given to us by the stepdaughter so it is basically free. We do get freebies sometimes which is nice. Anyway, the husband got his apple pies although he did went over the top this time, he got a whole box of them! I might have to help him eat them up or else we an always freeze the rest. No wonder I am gaining weight what with helping him eat his food.

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