Sunday, January 24, 2010

feeling better

After 24 hours of being sick, the little man started to feel better. Even though he has not eat much yet he is already back to being active and noisy. Sure sign he is not sick, lol. He has the sniffles now but I can deal with that better than the fever and the throwing up. He is here in the kitchen right now humming while playing with his toys. I am glad he is feeling better. When I woke up this morning he got up from his chair (him and his father were up early) and said good morning to me. Must be a good one today then because my boy said so. Anyway, today I plan on going to the store to look for a pair of earrings for my mother. I promised her a pair a long time ago but I have not done anything about it and I figured today will be a good day to do it. I am not going to buy anything with diamonds, no, maybe a hoop earring. I have always wanted to have one so maybe I will buy two sets. One for me and one for mom. I hope the budget will be enough for two though or else mom will just have to wait :) Just kidding. I have to get ready so I can go early.

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