Sunday, January 17, 2010


Unlike the previous winters, this year is a lot more bearable for me. I did not complain much about the cold. I used to say it's cold probably a hundred times an hour which drove the husband mad, lol. This time I only said it about fifty times :) Also, my skin has been pretty much normal. I used to have really dry skin on cold months that I normally switch from one brand to the next looking for something that will stop the itching and the dryness. I may have found the right product and by reading another blog at that. I got lucky. Now I don't have to worry about dry skin nor do I have to use eczema treatment because my skin is clear and I have not had any symptom at all. I hope what I am using now will continue to work so I can use this in the summer too. I can't tell you how embarrassing it is when I had to scratch my face in public and for people to see that there was something wrong with my skin. Now I can stop worrying as long as this cream I am using right now will continue to do its magic.

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