Wednesday, January 13, 2010

coffee in the mornings

I enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings. This used to be taboo for me. It is not that I hated coffee, I just did not want to drink anything warm in the mornings. Weird, I know. Since I get severe headaches some times and I am afraid of taking medicine for it anymore the husband said I should just drink coffee since it is, according to him, a good cure for headaches. So I started drinking coffee and it did make a difference. I have been drinking it every morning since then. Although I don't drink pure coffee, I put in more powdered milk in it and a dash of sugar. It is so good! And it smells heavenly. The husband drinks his strong. In the mornings you will see us in the kitchen with our custom mugs with delicious coffee in them. I plan on buying bigger mugs though. Something that will hold more coffee than normal because I boil my water and I don't like to do it twice in one morning. I use instant coffee, you see. I don't like coffee makers because it requires work. Well, maybe one day I will find a mug that will suit me.

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