Sunday, January 3, 2010


Today marks my four years here in the US. I arrived in the evening of January 3rd but for the life of me I could not remember what day it was. I guess because of all the excitement, apprehension, and a little bit of fear for what my life will be like. Not to mention the time and weather difference. It was silly of course but I could not help it. The husband still laughs when he remembers how I looked like getting out of the plane with my pink shoes and a backpack. He said I looked like a lost child, lol. Not good for my self-esteem since I did came here to get married and I know I should have looked beautiful and fierce. But then try looking fierce after almost 24 hours in the air and you really are something. Anyway, so I got here on a winter. My then fiance waited for me in the arrival area with a very blue jacket and a silly grin in his face. Of course I refused the jacket thinking surely it wasn't that bad outside. I was wrong. The cold seemed to seep through my bones and it made me grab the jacket like a fool. We ended up laughing so hard. The last four years have not all been laughter though. There have been arguments and I shed tears as well but I am glad I made that trip. I am happy, well most of the time, lol. And I love my family.

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