Tuesday, December 29, 2009

sounds like a plan

The days have been stressful for me and the husband due to his older son. The kid has marital problems due to a teenage marriage and instead of working on getting things settled he has been making a mess which his father has been trying to clean up for him. It is making the holidays a bit strained for us. And the worst part is that he never listens. Well, he pretends he does and then turns around and does the opposite of whatever advice is given to him. We are seriously thinking of moving as far away as possible. His mother promised him she will help anyway and it is about time she delivers. The husband and I have been planning for our get away plan, lol. He said we could buy us an RV, make sure it has sufficient rv insurance and live like nomads which means we will not stay in one place for long so nobody will be able to trace us. I know it sounds bad to some people but you are not on our shoes. This has been going on for over a year and we have been trying our best to help but the kid does not even attempt to help himself. He thinks he knows everything which only leads to more complications. He hates and takes advice as an insult since, well, he is smart and he knows what he is doing. Or so he thinks. I believe that one can only help a person if that person accepts that help. If not then it will be his problem anymore. Don't you agree?

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