Friday, December 11, 2009

so dry

My nose and throat have been dry lately and when I told the husband about it he said it has something to do with the electric heat. And I thought that we need to run to the store to buy furnace filters. It only goes to show I know nothing, lol. It is hard to breath sometimes because it is so dry that it feels like it burns. I am afraid I will have nosebleeds again like what always happens when my nose is irritated. The husband said we either have to use our old humidifier or hunt for the Vicks humidifier I bought months ago and use it during bedtime. I vote for the latter. It is easier and safer that way considering the little man is curious and he might drop his toys on the old humidifier. At least at night we will be in bed and he will hopefully leave the humidifier alone. We will only use water in it and see if it will do wonders. If not then we will not have a choice but use the big humidifier but we have to put it somewhere safe.

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