Tuesday, December 22, 2009

shopping and expenses

We went shopping for gifts for the little kids today. Boy, everything is expensive anymore. I used to always think of possible toys I will get the little man the next time there is a special occasion but the prices make me gag. I mean, twenty dollars for a piece of colored plastic? Whatever happened to affordable, practical toys? While walking around the toy section I was thinking about how much we should spend so we will not get broke for the New Year after paying the bills. I swear, for the first time, I did not enjoy looking at toys. All I saw was dollar signs everywhere that I thought if I apply for any jobs in finance I probably will get hired without the basic academic background. Being the person who controls the finances at home is enough credential, lol. I had a very bad headache by the time we got back to the car. Now we are all set. I hope the toys will be appreciated by the kiddos. Now all I have to do is convince the husband that the next time there is a special occasion we will just give money to the kids' parents to be deposited to the little ones' accounts. That way it will be there should they need it for something important.

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