Thursday, December 10, 2009


For the first time in days, I did my share of entrecard drops and visiting blogs. I have been lazy lately. When I am left with nothing else to do I surf on online stores instead of visiting blogs. Tonight was different since the little man went to bed early and the husband was on the phone most of the time and I have been to every online store I can think of. So, I opened EC and started visiting blogs and that is what I have been doing in the past four hours. Wonder why it took this long? Because I have several blogs in Entrecard and I had to cook more dishes and tend to my Cafe at Cafe World. I had to multi-task. I don't want my customers going home hungry. I did pretty good considering my self-made distractions. I did notice something odd about a few blogs though. These blogs redirect to a blank page and acted like it is loading but after minutes of waiting nothing happened. The pattern was the same and frankly, after trying several times I gave up. I skipped the blogs I knew were not loading right and if it was your blog I am so sorry but I cannot stay up all night to wait for your blog to load. I personally do not know what is wrong but I hope you can fix the problem. Next time I will do my drops I will try your site again and hopefully it will be working fine.

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