Saturday, December 12, 2009

our tree is up!

We decided to put up our tree after all. For days I thought the husband is fixed on spending Christmas on an ocean front room in a resort but this morning he changed his mind hence the tree is up. We only have a few decorations because the little man broke most last year but the tree still looks beautiful. I plan on buying more decorations when the weather clears up. I hate to go anywhere with the little man when it is sprinkling. I sure would not want him to get sick. This time I will buy plastic decorations so it will be more practical and safe. His father gave him one candy cane to put on the holiday tree as he calls it but he kept on taking the cane off after putting it in one area for a while. Like his parents he could not make up his mind either, lol. He loves our tree though and I am sure he will love the presents which will be under the tree in a few days. I am afraid to put the presents yet because he yells about his toys and his presents all the time. I may take pictures when we have all the decorations up.

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