Monday, December 7, 2009

noise and clutter

We have been coped up in the house only a few hours and the little man is already starting to get bored. He has toys everywhere, one laptop is turned on to his favorite website, the television is showing his favorite nursery rhymes. I am starting to have a headache just listening to all the sounds and looking at the toys. The husband is being smart staying on our room out of harm's way, lol. This little dynamo here is very imaginative but could be destructive so we have to be careful. The other day he found balls and pretended the center and end tables were ping pong tables and proceeded playing like a pro. Well, in his mind anyway. I can take care of the clean up but the mess and the noise drives me crazy sometimes. Especially since the day just started. I sometimes wonder how I keep my sanity, lol. I better turn off some of this noise making contraptions they call electronics and maybe it will get quite enough I can read a book.

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