Saturday, December 5, 2009

i love it

We looked at a house yesterday. No, we do not have the money to buy one. Yes, we love it. How bad is that? Lol. We found it online and decided to take a look. I told the husband it was as if the house was built with us in mind. It is an older house yet it still look good. Plenty of windows which is what I like. It has a patio which the husband prefers. It has plenty of room, high ceiling, a garage with smooth garage floor perfect for storage and an attic. And the yard may not be as big as our old house but it is decent enough for privacy purposes. I am hoping for a miracle. That maybe we can come up with the money to buy the house. I have never liked and feel attached to a house like that in my life. It was like coming home. I have been good this year, perhaps Santa will give me a very nice present.

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