Wednesday, November 18, 2009

on buying books

I love to read and I have plenty of books as proof. When I get bored (read: my boy ignores me) I sit in the couch and read. Thankfully I have plenty of books which I usually get from a bookstand at the Flea market. I sometimes buy books online or from the store whenever I see something I like. I don't have preference when it comes to who wrote the book as long as the story is good but I do lean on suspense thriller and of course my all-time favorite, romance which I read when I am feeling low. I used to have boxes of books I kept on a shed behind our house that the husband urged me to sell books so as to pay for whatever I will spend on more books. I did not listen to him for a long time until I realized that buying books and just keeping them in storage is not a good idea. It was a waste of good books and money so I decided to look around and found the bookstand at the Flea market which buys or swaps used books. I have been going there ever since. I still buy brand new books from other sources but I don't waste that much money anymore. I am learning to be a little frugal I guess.

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