Tuesday, November 10, 2009

not having much luck

The husband lost his health insurance this month. It is due to some technicality that I cannot understand nor will be able to explain. He was not happy with it but I told him such is life. I mean, there are things that happen that we can't control. So since the day he was told his health insurance was cut-off I have been online looking for a company that will accept him should I coax him to apply (he said he won't). I tell you what I am doing is not easy. I thought that all I have to do is get quotes and then we (I) should be able to decide. It is actually tougher than that. I have been everywhere and I have not only encountered gazillion health insurance companies and read terms that I do not have a clue like health insurance leads and deductibles, I have also realized the premiums are not cheap. How are we supposed to pay that monthly? I am yet again clueless. I hope something will pop up which is within our means that is not too high on copays and such. I am not losing hope yet. I will try again. And again just to get him something because his medicines are expensive and he needs them. Maybe lady luck will smile at us one day.

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