Friday, November 20, 2009

not going

It is the weekend once again and instead of running errands the little man and I have to stay home since the husband has a doctor's appointment. We will not go with him this time. I decided to stay home and wait for him. Maybe I will fix that upside down cake I have been craving to eat. I hope it will come out good but if not I will just dump it in the trash and he will not anything about it, lol. We have been planning on making our own bread but we do not know how. I don't feel like searching online for a recipe so I bought him bread yesterday. I know one of these days we will have to make our own bread though. That was the purpose of us buying all kinds of Pyrex bake wares. Anyway, I have to help him get ready. If and when I make the cake I am talking about I will try to update you with the result may it be good or bad.

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