Monday, November 30, 2009

never ending chores

Today, I am doing laundry which piled up during the holiday. I know I had the weekend to do it but I was too lazy. The food made me tired and sleepy. Thank goodness for washers and dryers or else I would have been really in trouble. I now realize why my mother hires somebody to do their laundry instead of doing it herself. She used to do our laundry in the river (we did not have washer and dryer) and she had to stay basically the whole day trying to make her soap last longer so she can wash all the clothes that needed to be washed. I am glad that we now live in the city because we do not need to do anything like add water softener to the water we use to make washing clothes easier. And I only have to put clothes in the washer and wait for it to finish so I can transfer the clothes to the dryer. Very easy. I might buy my parents their own washer and dryer so it will be easier for them to do their laundry. If I have the money. Anyway, I have to go finish up in the laundry room while I still am in the mood. I have to finish the laundry today because I am tired of looking at the pile of dirty clothes.

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