Saturday, November 21, 2009

moving back home

I have been talking about us moving out of the duplex and looking for another place to stay here in the South. We did look and we could not find a place we like. So the current plan is for us to move back up in the husband's childhood place. That is more or less 600 miles from here which, given the husband's condition, will probably would require long distance movers or help from relatives when it happens. It might happen before the end of the year which should make two years since we moved in the duplex. I will miss the South for sure. The food, the beach, the parks, the people. But such is life. We have to move on. I made the husband promise we will come back from time to time to visit to which he said yes. The good thing about moving back is that I have Filipina friends there and most of his siblings are close by. I think that is good enough consolation :)

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