Thursday, November 12, 2009


Since we did not have anything better to do today, I told the husband I wanted to go to Goodwill. My purpose is to look for shirts I can wear at home and maybe find some shorts as well. He went with me and he ended up buying Pyrex bowls and bakeware. He was very happy with his finds too. He said I could go through his finds and whatever I like we will keep and the rest we can put in a box to send to Leyte. Well, I end up liking everything he got so we will keep them, lol. I found a couple shirts, sandals, shoes for the little man, and a knit hoodie. We spent a pretty good amount of money but I think it was worth it. The husband is excited to use the baking dish and the pie plate he found and he told me to look for recipes online so we can start using them. That is my assignment for the week he said. I totally forgot that I was also supposed to look for goodies we could put in a box to send to Leyte. I guess I will do that next time.

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