Monday, November 9, 2009

free food

We went to Zaxby's the other day so I can have my favorite Cajun club sandwich and when we paid for our order the cashier told us that if we will come back on the 8th we can get the same exact food we ordered for free. We were given a yellow receipt which we were supposed to show to get the free food. I was so thrilled. Imagine, free food! It was not only free it was also my favorite sandwich. How lucky could we get? Lol. To think the husband only agreed to bring me to Zaxby's because I was whining about it. Well, he was thankful I was because we do love Zaxby's and if we can get their food for free all the better. We did come back to claim our free food and, yes, it was honored. I am as happy as could be. I wonder if it is only that store we went to has that promotion because I don't see anything at Zaxby's website. Whatever the case, I got my free food for the month and I am happy about it. I wonder if this will also happen next month?

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