Tuesday, November 24, 2009

banana bread

The husband and I want to make our own bread. So we started last night. We baked a bread using the recipe found on a yeast pack. How hard could it be? Well, it was easy but the result was disastrous. It was not even edible. The husband was disappointed. I told him we should start making something easy to prepare. I mean, we are newbies. Although he makes the best pan fried bread it did not equate well with baking. Could I be an unlucky charm? Lol. I looked for an easy recipe and I found one for banana bread. Luck was on our side tonight because we did have over-riped bananas. He read the instruction, I mixed the ingredients. I used one pan instead of the suggested two in the recipe, put it in the oven and kept our fingers crossed. An hour later we had a perfect looking banana bread. It tasted good too. I am telling you I had the best banana bread ever since I got here in the US. It tasted like the ones I used to buy at the bakeshop near the apartment in Pandacan. So yummy! The husband was so relieved, lol. Now we are ready to try something else.

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