Tuesday, November 17, 2009

another cold day

It is a cold day here in the South today. When we went out to get breakfast I was so cold I had to tuck my feet under my legs. You wonder how I do that inside a car? I have my ways, lol. I could not wait for the heater to kick in because I was really cold. The husband said he was cold too but the little man did not seem to mind. Sometimes I envy this boy's tolerance with the cold weather. It might be freezing cold outside but he does not care much. I am the opposite. I don't like it cold, I love it warm most of the time. I am seriously yearning for the electric blanket the sister-in-law loaned me when we lived next door to her. She actually said I could have the blanket but I did not think I will be needing it here. I should have known better. I would not be sitting here in front of the computer with my extremities cold should I have accepted the offer. We sometimes learn the hard way.

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