Friday, October 16, 2009

on weddings and invitations

Ever since I got here in the US I have only been invited to a wedding once. Can you tell we are not popular? Lol. Two years ago though we got invited to the husband's co-worker's wedding. I thought we will be bypassed but when they started mailing wedding invitations we got one in the mail. It was a simple wedding invitation but the wedding which was held at the couple's house was not. It was lovely. There were only a few people invited, mostly friends and relatives of the bride and groom and the atmosphere was happy and relaxed. It was also the first time in years that I donned on a dress. Imagine that! The husband was actually one of the groomsmen since he is close to that particular friend. He had on a tuxedo and I must say he looked good. When we looked at our pictures after the wedding he said we did clean up nice, lol. We rarely get dressed up for anything that it surprises us when we do. If and when we have our Philippine wedding we will try to make it intimate just like the wedding we attended. It will not be a circus nor will it be expensive when it happens. Hopefully.

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