Thursday, October 1, 2009

favorite songs and youtube

I made an amazing discovery tonight while waiting for my pork adobo to cook. I found out I can search for my favorite songs, and listen to them, in Youtube! Lol. Before tonight I used Youtube to watch Filipino television series. Now I have one more reason to use it and that is when I feel like going back memory lane. Oh, I remember the nights I listen to sad love songs while waiting to sleep. The feeling of wanting to cry just because the song moved me and having goosebumps listening to undying love professed in songs. And the hope that one day I will find my reason to sing love songs while having that silly smile on my face. I am a hopeless romantic. Thanks Youtube-rs for uploading my favorite songs. I am supposed to embed one here but I could not decide what I like most. I am still trying to think of the songs that I liked four to five years ago. Not an easy task since most of those songs I don't even know the titles plus most are really old. Hays, assignment ito for a week, lol.

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kittykat said...

ayy di mo pala alam Mommy na pwede..hehehe..but glad that you've finally made the discovery..happy youtubing..