Monday, September 28, 2009


The husband made me sign up for triple A months ago when I kept on getting mails from them. He said it is to our advantage if I sign up so I did. I added his name to my application and we both have our cards days later. We have used their service when one of the cars broke down due to a faulty transmission. It had to be towed more than thirty miles away and we did not pay a penny. I was hesitant when I sent in the forms but after that incident I was more than happy I agreed with his decision. Anyway, the company is now sending me application forms for affordable term life insurance which they offer for their members. I thought about signing up but this is something he is against even before. I don't know his reasons because he will not tell me straight but I know it is not because of the premium. Anyway, we are happy with our membership which is important to us but I think that will be it as far as insurance is concerned.

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