Wednesday, September 16, 2009

in need of a new AC unit

The air conditioner in the duplex we live in right now is no good. It keeps on running and instead of the unit being cooler it gets warmer and the temperature keeps on rising. No wonder our electric bill for a two bedroom place is over two hundred dollars. Would you believe we pay more on electric during summer than on winter? We bought air conditioner filters thinking it might help but nothing happened. The stepdaughter's husband who works on heating and air said the current air conditioner the duplex uses is not working and should be replaced. We requested the landlady last year and until now it has not been replaced yet. There had been a few men came here to check the attic and the electric box in preparation for a new unit but I don't think it will happen quick enough. Besides it is almost Fall, it will start cooling off and what use do we have for an AC anymore? I am hoping the plan to move will happen so we don't have to worry about problems like this anymore. Next time we will check the new place thoroughly before signing any contract so as not to encounter any similar problems in the future.

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