Wednesday, September 30, 2009

i want

When we have extra money I want to see if we can buy Nintendo Wii. By the reviews I read from people who have it, it seems to be good for people like me who wants to be active without getting out of the house. It might be good for the little man too when he gets older so he can use up most of his energy playing interactive games. I know it is expensive especially since I plan to get Wii accessories too. But as long as we will not tear it up and it will serve its purpose then it should be worth the price paid. I still have to convince the husband though since I do want a treadmill and it should come first. Boy, I do choose expensive items, lol. I may need to start making a list of things I want for the holidays. Maybe Santa will not be too broke and will surprise me with all the items on my list :)

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