Tuesday, September 29, 2009

holidays are coming

The holidays are almost here. The stepdaughter is already planning on what we will do this Halloween for the kids which means I have to start looking for a costume for the little man so he will not be out of place when they go trick or treating. And then there is Thanksgiving which I am sure she will also host. Am I a bad stepmom or what? Lol. Well, she has a bigger place and she knows what to fix to make everybody happy so we will let her play the hostess. To be honest I do not like cleaning up after that is why I am more than happy to act as guest. Anyway, after these two occasions comes Christmas. This is a bit tricky since we not only have to send christmas photo cards to relatives here but also to relatives in PI. That is plenty of cards and imagine the expenses we have to incur. But we think it is worth it. We love to extend our greetings to every family member and to let them know we are thinking of them during the holidays even if we can't be with them. We do not know where to spend Christmas yet though. Last year we spent part of it here and the rest in Orlando. Maybe this time we will spend it at home.

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