Friday, September 4, 2009

health is wealth

The husband decided to start eating healthy about a week ago. We started by buying a steamer and a crock pot so we could cook more vegetables instead of eating fast-food. He complained that vegetables are more expensive than meat though. And we found out it is less filling. An hour after a meal we are both hungry and wanting for more. Our main enemy right now is ourselves and it is not easy. But we want to loose weight so we have to tough it out. He said we could incorporate colon cleansing product like tea but I want to make this work first. We can always vary our diet when we are used to it. We do cheat though so I don't know if this will really work. Exercise for him is not an option but I can do exercises only I am too lazy to even think about it. He encouraged me to do my exercise this morning and I told him I can't because of the little man. I know I have to. Maybe tomorrow if I don't feel tired.

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