Monday, September 7, 2009

an embarrassing situation

I went out a few minutes ago to lock the car since the husband parked it near the road instead of in the carport. I don't know the reasoning behind it so I just decided to lock it since he is already asleep. I could have moved it but I am not good at parking yet so I don't wanna take that chance. Anyway, I was ready to go in when a man and a boy called my attention. They are our neighbor. The kid explained that there is something going on at school and they need to raise money. Right away I thought I would help. What is a few dollars if it will help make a lot of kids happy. In fact I chose what I wanted from the pamphlet thinking all I had to do was order and the goods will be delivered before I pay. Well, it did not work that way. I was told I had to pay upfront. Sad thing is I do not have cash. I am broke! I told them if they could come back tomorrow I could give them the money and the kid said no he can't do that. I am embarrassed that they had to spend time talking and showing me a pamphlet while we were being eaten with mosquitoes only to be turned down. They probably thought I was just saying it so I don't have to spend money. The thing is I really am broke. No cash. Okay, I do have $1 bill in my wallet. Sad, eh? We did not withdraw money today and I know for a fact the husband is broke as well. This is a lesson learned, next time I should ask and not speculate so as to save myself from embarrassment. And too, to always have cash no matter how little in handy.


Spicybugz said...

Don't be so hard on yourself. If they really wanted that sale, they could have waited until the next day. It was their loss.

poray said...

That's what the husband said to me too. But I will try to leave even a few dollars on my wallet next time just in case something like this happens again :)

kittykat said...

i don't see anything wrong with that nor was it embarrassing long as you know that you were not lying about having no money at all..isa pa you're intentions were genuine..